I’m Meeeellllttttiinnnnggg

Going into our third straight week of temps in the upper 90s. This is crazy, this is Oregon. It shouldn’t be allowed. Wonder if the crazy old coot down the street feels silly about his “Stop Global Cooling” bumper sticker yet?

I think I gave myself heat exhaustion yesterday. Went out kind of midday, which I thought would have been ok, and mowed the yard, washed the car, and watered the veggie garden. Apparently it was already too hot because I felt really ill later. I brought water out with me, but forgot to stop and drink it often enough, I guess. Be careful out there.

In writing news, I’m making slow progress on the Revenants Abroad sequel, and also working on a couple other things. I probably shouldn’t split my focus, but when you get an idea you need to write it down. Or at least I do.

I can’t help thinking of this every time I see balloons up.

2 thoughts on “I’m Meeeellllttttiinnnnggg

  1. It’s been about a hundred degrees here. I think I’m the only one *not* melting. I don’t mind the heat at all. Yes, they all think I’m nuts. 😉

    I’m so enjoying Revenants Abroad, btw. It’s fantastic! You have a lot to be proud of.


    1. Thank you so much, Tasha! 🙂 Delighted that you’re enjoying it!

      I don’t know how anyone can enjoy this heat, but I know people here who like it as well. One of my co-workers is from Southern California, so she grew up with it. I’m just not used to intense heat anymore, although I can’t say I ever LIKED it anyway 😉


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