Oregon Airshow 2015

I didn’t go to the airshow this year. Actually I haven’t gone in many years, but I’m close enough to the airport that I can see some of the action from my street, and the Blue Angels (when they’re here) fly out over my neighborhood to make turns and line up for various maneuvers. So herewith: a few photos I got standing in the street. The heat was too much for me after 45 minutes of being out there,Β  even in the shade. I don’t know how anyone could sit out at the airfield in that heat. It was 95F in the shade at my house. It had to be over 100F at the show. All photos taken July 18, 2015.

12 thoughts on “Oregon Airshow 2015

    1. Hi Lora,
      Thanks! It’s still broiling here, breaking heat records and wildfires all over. We’re supposed to be cooling down into the 80s later this week, though. I’m lucky, I have a/c at home. Not everyone here does.


      1. Oh wow, that is crazy that is is still hot there. I thought it would cool down by now. I feel sorry for the people without AC and hope no one home got caught in the wildfires. Girlfriend continue keeping cool. AC is a person best friend in heat like that and wishful cool nights with a fan.


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