Super Blood Moon – September 27, 2015

SO. I had all these grand plans of driving up a local mountain to watch the eclipsed moon rise behind Mount Hood across the valley, and this was the view:

Mount Hood through haze????????????????????????????????????

Grrr. Argh.

Unbelievable haze. It was kind of a circus up there, too. I passed one area that must have had 100 cars parked in a field. I went much further up, by the substation, which wasn’t nearly as crowded. The only thing I objected to were the two teen boys kicking a soccer ball around all the people who had cameras up on tripods. But what did they care? And dogs. Oh my god, people. Leave your dogs at home when there are going to be crowds.

Anyway, eventually, close to 7:30 local time, we were able to barely make out one side of the moon. Here it is at 7:27

Super Blood Moon september 27 2015

Moon over Hood

Yeah, pretty disappointing. Darker moon over Hood

I gave up around 8:00 or so and drove home. Naturally by then it had cleared the trees, and the sky was crystal clear.

Super Blood Moon 9-27-15

And here are some shots of it setting this morning and one of Venus, aka Lucifer, star of the morning. Hail Lucifer.

(Venus) Lucifer, the Morning Star
(Venus) Lucifer, the Morning Star

3 thoughts on “Super Blood Moon – September 27, 2015

  1. You have some nice photos. I woke up this morning and read about it. My friend asked me how the heck I miss it when my walls are pretty much windows. From chatting with my back to the window and going to sleep with a bad cold. Can’t believe I miss something this cool. Some people had bad weather that they could not see anything I heard. Therefore, you are really lucky to have capture the moon. Freaking awesome that it was red. I was like what the heck!


      1. You’re welcome and thank you. I got the germs last week when I was in Germany for a quick trip. Husband open up the darn windows because he was hot almost every night in the hotel. That and shaking tons of hands. I am sure I will get better in a week or so. Been going to the gym here on box break time, lol, sweating it out some. Maybe someone will take my cold for me then I will feel much better, lol, …..perhaps no chance. But I take the hugs. I always need them in good and bad days for sure!


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