Sunrise Colors

Breaktaking colors this morning, and a shot of Venus, Mars, and Jupiter in the eastern sky just before daybreak. Venus is the top, brightest one, then little Mars, and Jupiter.



6 thoughts on “Sunrise Colors

  1. Beautiful photos! You know I am suckers for sky photos. DD, I know I have said this a lot but I mean it. You should collect and take a lot of sky photos and sell them in high format on Etsy or advertise it in a photograph forum. I use to buy them years ago but I take my own and use them for blown out photo of the sky so that the subjects can be nicely focus. Then later place a sky that fit with the photos by using photoshop. Your sky photos are truly beautiful and I had to take a few minutes and admire each photos. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


    1. Thank you so much, Lora! I’m not sure these are high enough resolution to sell. They’re not in TIFF or RAW, but they are around 5Mb each. I might get some prints and see how they look before trying to sell any, but I really appreciate your kind words! Have a great weekend!


      1. You’re welcome and don’t worry it can be just the full format jpegs. It is easier to download that way. But prints too would be really cool.

        P.S. I am waiting for some mail to come here. We have gave out variations of our address (a bit long and weird) and so far people have been emailing us to let us know it was return back to them. Once one letter get to us I will email you the correct address. I have not forgotten about your book with your signature:)


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