New Locations Now Open

With all the talk of Twitter moving to an algorithmic system that promotes “popular” posts (read: things that make the company more money) I’m preparing to either abandon it, or use it less. In any event, I’ve started a Tumblog which can be found here. Not much there yet since I just started it today. I expect it will evolve as these things do.

I also resuscitated my Ello site, just barely, but it has a pulse now. I’m still not sure what I’ll be doing over there. But if you happen to be on either of those services, let’s connect. If you’re on Facebook I’m there as well (also here) but I don’t log in often.

Don’t be a stranger!

Feb 5, 2016 sunrise

2-5-16 pond2

13 thoughts on “New Locations Now Open

      1. I may devise a schedule for posting (Monday – Tumblr, Tuesday – Ello, Saturday – WP blog) and see if that helps. It’s madness to try to be on all of them all the time, I’d never get anything else done.

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  1. It will be really sad if Twitter goes ahead with that. Same for the idea of exceeding the 140 character limit. I wish they’d stop trying to copy fb. I doubt I’ll open any other accounts though. If anything, I’d put more time into my blog. Tried Gargle + a few years ago, but it was just the same stuff people were already posting on Twitter and fb, and for me, one more time-waster.


    1. Yes, they seem determined to shoot themselves in the foot. So far Tweetdeck is unaffected by any changes to the algorithm they may have implemented elsewhere. I really hate FB, even though I know it’s supposed to be a good platform for writers to reach audiences. Mostly I’m posting pics on Ello, and Tumblr is kind of for me, digging up writing posts, inspirational quotes, etc. I don’t feel like it’s that much of a time commitment. I do need to break my Twitter addiction, though šŸ˜‰


      1. I used to spend more time on Twitter, but I find I’ve followed too many people (despite trying to be picky), and now don’t see tweets I realy want to see from people I’d like to chat with more.


      2. I don’t know how anyone can use the main Twitter site. If I hadn’t found Tweetdeck I would have given up on the whole thing years ago. The only way I can keep track of people is by putting people in lists, and opening a separate column for each list. Then i can just scroll across and check things. I have a general “Science” list, one for “Astronomy,” “Publishers,” “Writing Friends” and so on. Brings order to the chaos šŸ˜‰


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