Eclipse 2017

From my front yard, coordinates 45.5229° N, 122.9898° W

Eclipse 2017
August 21, 2017

And I’m not sure, but did I catch a solar prominence, top right-ish? There’s a little reddish thing about about “1 o’clock”.

Eclipse 2017


It got very dim, and a few degrees cooler. Standing under the shade of the maple tree in my yard felt like night, although I was not directly in the path of totality (about 50 miles north of it). Inside my house was so dark I had to put on the lights even after totality was past and the sun started to emerge again.


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  1. Those were awesome pics. I live in FL, and a girl that I work with brought her glasses in and shared with everyone. Customers and associates alike, and our boss was cool enough to let us keep watch. A day I won’t forget.


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