A Little Help

I know things are tight for most of us these days, and all you goodhearted people are probably stretching to help out some of the victims of the fires in California, or other worthy causes, and bless you all for that. 

Now my friend Abby is in pretty dire straits financially. Abby worked at the same company where I work, although she was a contractor and for reasons I’m not real clear on had to be let go for a 3-month period. She also has a second part-time job. She’ll be coming back (again as a contractor with no benefits) in January, but until then she’s really struggling. As luck would have it, shortly (like, within a week) of being let go from where we worked together she had an emergency appendectomy, followed by complications necessitating a second hospital stay. She was about 3 days into another contract position when this hit. She was unable to work most of October because of all the medical issues. Making matters worse, she has fluid in her lungs, and one collapsed lung, a by-product of the surgeries. Consequently she was very limited on what she could do, and couldn’t work at either of her jobs during the initial recovery. She’s still walking with a cane. 

She’s back at the new contract position now, but it’s a rough commute (she has no car) and much farther away. 

In short, she needs help getting through the next couple of months. She set up a GoFundMe today, for a very modest amount. 


If you can spare a few bucks, Abby would be incredibly grateful, as would I. I know it’s hard with the holidays coming up to try to find extra cash. If you can’t contribute, please consider signal boosting on your social media accounts. Thanks a million for reading.