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I’ve Lost That Christmas Spirit

Or maybe I found it.

Most folks probably know I’ve been out of work for the majority of this year, and that hasn’t changed. I had some promising interviews with Large Company that will not be named, but has so far come to nothing, so I’m still looking. Not sure if they’re ghosting me, or postponing the hiring process until after the holidays or what. Anyway, on we go.

I saw a tweet this morning of someone asking to be hit in the head with the “Christmas spirit” already, clearly not feeling the joy. I can relate. It’s actually been many years since I felt that special joy that is supposed to magically appear in December. Even with my own grown children, they take such a different approach to the holiday that it doesn’t do much to lift my mood. My younger son and his family aren’t even putting up a tree this year, first year in their own home, which even to me is almost incomprehensible. I hauled my artificial tree up out of the basement and decorated it by myself. I put out my little Christmas village of tea light holders, and so on. I don’t know why, since no one comes over and it’s just me and the cat in the house now. But I realized it cheers me just to see the pretty decorations.

I even made this little quilted wall hanging

But the biggest change this year, courtesy of my employment (or rather, lack of) situation is that I’m not giving any gifts. Can’t do it this year.

And you know what? It has destressed the season for me beyond belief. Occasionally I feel a momentary twinge of panic that I haven’t bought any gifts, but it soon passes and I go back to listening to the Christmas music on the radio and relaxing. I still have some baking to do, I promised pie and dinner rolls for dinner at my older son’s house. With the whole notion of gift-giving off the table, so to speak, I feel like it’s put everything in perspective and in its proper place. It’s not that I don’t enjoy giving gifts, but it’s not the end of the world that I can’t indulge the family this time around. If you’re in the same boat, I hope it won’t ruin the season for you entirely.

Wishing everyone a peaceful holiday season, and many blessings in the new year.


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  1. Love your decorations (admittedly, we didn’t bother much this time). It’s been another challenging year, for sure. Much love and warm wishes for the season and here’s to hopefully a good new year.

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