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Pink Sunset

Just a couple pics from last couple days. Sunset last night.   And some from Friday.

barn, clouds, commute, fog, Moon, morning, Oregon, photography, sunrise, writing

February’s Off to a Pretty Start

Just a few photos from the last two days, driving in to work. Nice to see a bit of blue sky, it's been so dark and rainy for so long.  

barn, clouds, commute, fantasy, fiction, fog, morning, Oregon, photography, rainbows, sunrise, writing

Imaginary Worlds

These pictures feel like a fairytale world. I need to write a fantasy set in this place. Gotta come up with a name for it. Amazing how it's never the same two days in a row. When I look at these pictures I keep wanting to label them "Farksolia." But I need to think up… Continue reading Imaginary Worlds