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Rainbows and Autumn Sun

I failed to bring my camera with me for a couple of days, and missed probably the most amazing rainbow I’d ever seen. It was bright, wide, and straight ahead of me. Let us hope I have learned my lesson, to wit: Just because it’s raining in the morning doesn’t mean the clouds won’t part and pose for pictures in the afternoon. Grrr. Missed an amazing sunset yesterday too, just as I was driving out of work. And you know the colors last mere minutes.

So, I grabbed the camera this morning, despite the dire weather predictions, and was rewarded with this sight:

Nov 6 double rainbow

and then this:

Rainbow touching down Nov 6 2014

and then this:

Panoramic sunrise 11-6-14

Geese in flight 11-6-14

I just liked the way the sun was hitting this tree. I love the low angle of the sun in the later part of the year.

Maple with geese in sun
Maple with geese in sun

Missed more than I got, as usual. Oh well. Within twenty minutes the sun was gone, and it was pouring rain again.

Happy Friday Eve!