Revenants Abroad Paper Proceeding

The good news is: paper copies of Revenants Abroad are back on! I finally caved and contacted my cover artist, Jason Juta, and he graciously said he’d provide me a lighter version of the cover at no charge. I love this guy so hard. I felt bad going back to ask him for yet another change (of course I intended to pay him, but still) because I know he’s busy. He graciously said he’d do it gratis, since it’ll only take him about 30 seconds to lighten the image up. If the book ever really takes off, I’ll be throwing a few extra dollars his way, believe you me.

If all goes according to plan, the paper copies should be available in a couple of weeks. Once I get the file from Jason, I need to upload it to CS, and get another proof copy to make sure they don’t hose it up again. Those of you holding out hope for a paper copy shouldn’t have long to wait now.

The advantage to publishing paper books via CreateSpace is that it’s no charge, unless you hire them for design, edit, and marketing. It’s not cheap. “Custom covers” from them are $399 (starting with a stock image), a custom cover ‘Premier’ is $599, and still starts with a stock image. After the customer support I’ve experienced (essentially, none), I don’t think I’d trust them with something this important. So the disadvantage to going through them rather than another self-publishing route that would charge hundreds or thousands of dollars is lack of support. Also, while some bookstores will now stock self-published books, those same bookstores are often not happy about stocking books pubbed through CS, as Amazon takes a bigger cut of sales.

So, if you’re going to self-publish hard/paper copies of your book, do your homework. There are so many options it makes my head spin. That’s one reason I decided to use CreateSpace. I basically had everything (electronic files, cover art) and not a lot of cash up front.

And here are some of my latest shots, just for fun.

Why Wattpad

Vampire Christmas

Please note: no one is sparkling.

I was asked why I’m serializing Revenants Abroad for free on Wattpad. Quite simply, it’s my first novel, and I just wanted to get it out there and start getting some notice. As anyone who reads is no doubt aware there are a lot of books out there and more coming all the time. It’s hard to be heard/seen/noticed in all that. I try not to overdo the marketing on Twitter, but without a huge marketing budget that would allow me to take out full page ads in the New York Times, I just try to be noticed without being obnoxious. Happily, the person who asked the question is enjoying the book.

I have also discovered that once the book is up on Amazon in paper form I will have to remove it from Wattpad. If it’s available anywhere for free, Amazon will also make it free. This isn’t really my goal. So, I’m doubling-down on posting chapters with the aim of getting them all posted so you can read it there if you like, and then releasing the book on Amazon a couple days later. At that time the entire thing will be removed from Wattpad.

I let Chapter 8 fly this morning, and may post Chapter 9 later tonight. I’d like to have the book on Amazon as soon as I can. Smashwords is proving not to be the gateway I’d hoped for, despite their ties to other retailers.

If you’re reading along and enjoying it, a vote or comment would be greatly appreciated. A sale would be great, too 😉

(P.S. to Jason – sorry for desecrating your work!)

Revenants Abroad – Cover Art

Revenants Abroad - Final for Web Display 501x800

The fabulous, amazing cover, created by the incredibly talented and apparently psychic Jason Juta. He nailed it, this is just perfect, exactly what I wanted. I can’t thank Jason enough. It exceeds my wildest expectations and even for me helps give life to the characters. If all goes according to plan (haha) the book should release on or about October 31. So fitting.

I’m going to publish through Smashwords, so it will be available in a variety of formats for pretty much any device you have.