The Definition of Stress

Remember that old joke: Stress - (n.) The confusion created when the mind overrides the body's basic desire to choke the living shit out of some asshole who desperately needs it.   Well, my stress is partly that, but partly this: When the desire to live on your own terms is subsumed by the demands … Continue reading The Definition of Stress


The Grump, or: Why I Don’t Need You to Find Me a MAY-UN

  This is kind of long because I feel it necessary to illustrate fully the character of the titular subject. I mentioned one of my fellow bus riders, Carol, in the ghost post. Carol's been married to her husband since the dawn of time. It's not always rosy between them, in fact for awhile they … Continue reading The Grump, or: Why I Don’t Need You to Find Me a MAY-UN

A Crystal Age

Another of my Project Gutenberg finds, “A Crystal Age” by W.H. Hudson is an early science fiction story. Originally published in 1887 anonymously, later editions had the author’s name. One wonders why it was published anonymously to begin with as science fiction was not unheard of at that time. According to Wikipedia, utopia/dystopia literature was … Continue reading A Crystal Age

Are We Becoming Eloi?

The Eloi were, of course, the child-like, cattle-like race of humans in H. G. Wells' "The Time Machine." They didn't do anything except sit around in the sun, eat the food and wear the clothes provided to them by mysterious means without even wondering where they came from. They were used as food by the … Continue reading Are We Becoming Eloi?

Future Sci-Fi

More random bizarro thinking on my part. I suddenly started wondering what science fiction of the future will be. Today most science fiction is focused on colonizing other planets, alien encounters, high-tech taking over, dystopias, the fall of civilization, robots, AI, time travel, extending human life. Ok, that's a whole lotta stuff. In say, a … Continue reading Future Sci-Fi

I think I hate modern life

In the continuing saga of my existential crisis, some random, disjointed thoughts for your amusement. I know, I know. Living in the future and all. I love my gadgets, high tech, instantaneous communication with people around the world, BLOGGING (*heh*). But is it overload? Sometimes it feels like it. I know, I have the option … Continue reading I think I hate modern life

Dispatch from the Zone – My Excuse

It's been an odd couple of weeks for me. Starting with the Thanksgiving holiday, where I grumbled about having to take Friday as personal vacation because my company doesn't give it as a holiday (as my previous companies have done), all was well until that Sunday night. I'm only telling this now because a lot … Continue reading Dispatch from the Zone – My Excuse