A Dismal Night

So I'm too cheesed off about the tree incident to concentrate on writing tonight, even on my post-apocalyptic tale, so I thought we could discuss PA and dystopian tales, and why we like them so much. This was inspired earlier today by a HuffPo article on the same topic (not tree trimming gone wrong - … Continue reading A Dismal Night

Save Yourself

I know I've been very dull and nearly incommunicado lately, but my precious free time is going more to my stories than my blog. Here are the two opening paragraphs from the one that I'm most obsessed with lately, tentatively titled "Save Yourself; I'll Hold Them Back" (thanks to My Chemical Romance): Pistol gripped in … Continue reading Save Yourself

Dispatch from the Zone: Paranoia, problem, or just hurt feelings?

I'm starting to get the distinct impression my boss just does not like me. She has barely spoken to me since I've been here (nearly 2 months now), yet seems to go out of her way to greet everyone else in the office, poking her head around the corner to say good morning or goodbye … Continue reading Dispatch from the Zone: Paranoia, problem, or just hurt feelings?

Dispatch from the Zone – Urge To Kill

Oh not a good way to start the day. I think I mentioned about some of these guys on the train that have tried to chat me up, and how I tend to give them the cold-shoulder. I've had one that has persisted for quite a long time now. I think he first tried last … Continue reading Dispatch from the Zone – Urge To Kill

Dispatch from the Zone – Big Brother Knows Where You Are

Most of you are familiar with Overseer, one of the managers I support here in my job. He's the classic cheapskate. When he took a one-year ex-pat assignment overseas, he actually had someone at the company ship his underwear to him that he had forgotten to pack, rather than just buy new where he was. … Continue reading Dispatch from the Zone – Big Brother Knows Where You Are

Milestones and Veggies

A milestone for my little blog: Just broke 50,000 views (50,002 at last check) on the site today! Woohoo! Thanks to everyone who comes by and reads on a regular basis, and to those who drop by once in awhile, or ever at all. In other, vastly more interesting news, all charges have been dropped … Continue reading Milestones and Veggies

Post-Rapture Reading Suggestions

I think we can all conclude that even if the Rapture occurs as predicted by Harold Camping, (where it says, "The End off [sic] the World," I guess spelling doesn't count in Heaven) I'm not going anywhere. Furthermore, I refuse. I'm holding out for Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods, as any good Norsewoman would. … Continue reading Post-Rapture Reading Suggestions