In Celebration of Writers

As you guys know, I like to celebrate writers' birthdays. Usually the dates sneak up on me and I end up putting together a very short blog post about them to commemorate their birth. I've looked online before for comprehensive lists of authors' birthdays, but never managed to find one I liked. I was going … Continue reading In Celebration of Writers


:::chewing fingernails::: I found out, via Twitter, that one of my favorite sci-fi writers, Robert J. Sawyer, is taking part in NaNoWriMo, and has invited people to follow him. Yes, he tweeted it out. That in itself is almost enough to make me sign on. Argh. What to do, what to do? I actually got … Continue reading Must…resist…NaNoWriMo

Build Your Own Cemetery!

When I was a kid, there was a house in town that did a Christmas display that would have rivaled Disney. I’m talking a working carousel that carried 3’ tall elf dolls, a working ski lift/skyride that more of these dolls rode in, and loads of other things all over the yard. Sadly, vandals finally … Continue reading Build Your Own Cemetery!

Collecting Vampires

Oh you guys, here it is, my next 'must have!' : Are these the cutest flippin' salt and pepper shakers you've ever seen?!?!?! SQUEEEEEE! They stick together with a little magnet. Talk about magnetic attraction 😉  Click the link or the photo to go to (who happen to be here in Portland, btw). I've never … Continue reading Collecting Vampires

Gracie and Skully

I couldn’t resist this as I was about to leave for work this morning. Gracie perched herself so perfectly with the Halloween decor on my dining room table. Normally I would shoo her off the table, but I couldn’t have gotten her to pose like this if my life depended on it. Strike while the … Continue reading Gracie and Skully

The Cats and the Count

I got this papier mache vampire last year, but never put up the photos of the cats I managed to corral into posing with it. This is one of the goofiest decorations I have. Buster, looking his demonic best with the red eyes. The better to impress the Count with, I suppose. Princess Gracie, patiently … Continue reading The Cats and the Count

Music for the Goth In All of Us

Technorati Tags: gothic,music,writing,Heavenly Creatures,Diminished 7,Alex Crescioni,gothic metal,HIM For those who enjoy some mood music to set their scenes, whether in real life or to help us conjure our fictional fog-shrouded moors and darkly lit dungeons and castles, I have two new tasty morsels for you to choose from. Heavenly Creatures is gothic electronica from France. … Continue reading Music for the Goth In All of Us

Dark Crafts

It's not what you think. Ok, yes, I am drawn to the dark side of the Craft, but this is crafts, lower-case 'c'. Did you know about these? In all my searching for books on crochet and amigurumi patterns I never ran across these, until today. If, like me, you've had enough of crochet dishcloths … Continue reading Dark Crafts

All Hallows Tarot

The collection continues to grow, although at this point I really need to call a moratorium on acquisitions for a while. I've been going a little bonkers adding to the collection, but it's hard to restrain myself when there are so many fabulous decks coming out, and so many lovely art decks in limited editions. … Continue reading All Hallows Tarot