Vampire Wedding

I am not making this up.  I've heard of Klingon weddings amongst Star Trek fanatics, but this is new. An Ohio couple had a unique Halloween wedding. "Vampires" tie the knot in Columbia Township Jack Holsinger, 61, of Lorain, married his vampiress, Connie Spitznagel, 44, also of Lorain, in a Halloween-themed wedding at the Rockin’-R-Ranch. … Continue reading Vampire Wedding

Ghostly Roads and Haunted Locales

It's that time of year when everyone is trotting out stories of ghosts and hauntings. So let's join in the fun. Digital City has an article listing ten of the creepiest roads in America, reportedly haunted by everything from ghostly children to spectral dogs, Civil War soldiers to star-crossed lovers. Check out the ghostly locales … Continue reading Ghostly Roads and Haunted Locales

Halloween Decor

Every year, I treat myself to at least one special new decoration for Halloween. Last year, it was a fabulous, HUGE raven (which I don't think I ever put up photos of, but can later). This year, with my vampire story in high gear, I've been looking at all things batty, bat-like, vampiric. Yesterday the object … Continue reading Halloween Decor