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I have to see if Andrej would approve…

But this is the direction I’m thinking of going with the dollhouse:

This is the Bennett house, from brinca dada.  Go check them out and look at all the different views. It’s what I imagine Frank Lloyd Wright would have done if he’d done dollhouses. Unfortunately, it’s not the 1:12 scale that the sofa and chair are that I already have. The houses from brinca dada are 3/4 scale (1:16), so a smidge small for the furniture, which is 1:12, or 1″. The 3/4 scale is an uncommon size, and as I’ve discovered also difficult to furnish. You can see more about dollhouse scale here if you’re interested. Most furniture in that size apparently has to be custom made. But this is definitely more the style I’m going for, rather than the Victorian farmhouse which is so prevalent. Somehow I doubt I’ll be able to find a replica of a Czech building with a pretty red-tiled roof unless I make one, and it may yet come to that… not that I have the vaguest idea how to go about that.

Here are stunning Thorne Miniature Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago. I nearly hyperventilated when I saw the ‘California Hallway’ (click on “Featured Works” and it’s second one down on the right). I’m still trying not to fall out of my chair. Go. See. When you can pick yourself up off the floor, Report Back. I think I’m having an out-of-body experience. Four pages of “American Rooms” and don’t miss the Asian rooms.

Gratuitous picture of Prague: