Dispatch from the Zone – My Excuse

It's been an odd couple of weeks for me. Starting with the Thanksgiving holiday, where I grumbled about having to take Friday as personal vacation because my company doesn't give it as a holiday (as my previous companies have done), all was well until that Sunday night. I'm only telling this now because a lot … Continue reading Dispatch from the Zone – My Excuse

Feeling Creative?

Here’s our lovely card for the week, the Ace of Wands from the Victorian Romantic Tarot by Baba Studio in Prague. The Ace of Wands is the root of the creative powers, a beginning, fire energy. This could be good. A new creative undertaking about to take off? Maybe Prometheus has some fire from the … Continue reading Feeling Creative?

Save Yourself

I know I've been very dull and nearly incommunicado lately, but my precious free time is going more to my stories than my blog. Here are the two opening paragraphs from the one that I'm most obsessed with lately, tentatively titled "Save Yourself; I'll Hold Them Back" (thanks to My Chemical Romance): Pistol gripped in … Continue reading Save Yourself

Endings and Beginnings

I have to apologize, this week's card is perhaps not as uplifting as some of the others. There is truth in the quote, though. How could an ending not mean a new beginning? The image reminded me of what some of my own ancestors must have gone through, leaving their ancestral homes, never to return … Continue reading Endings and Beginnings

Dispatch from the Zone: Paranoia, problem, or just hurt feelings?

I'm starting to get the distinct impression my boss just does not like me. She has barely spoken to me since I've been here (nearly 2 months now), yet seems to go out of her way to greet everyone else in the office, poking her head around the corner to say good morning or goodbye … Continue reading Dispatch from the Zone: Paranoia, problem, or just hurt feelings?

First Skirmish with the New Boss

I've had minimal contact with the new boss, apart from a few emails exchanged in regards to scheduling a few things on her calendar, canceling some others. Blah, blah. Nothing much. Today she comes to ask me about a meeting I scheduled at least a week ago, that she accepted (she handles all her meeting … Continue reading First Skirmish with the New Boss

She’s HEEEEeeeeerrrrrree

I stopped in at Powells on the way home tonight to get my copy which I pre-ordered way back when. I can hardly wait to dig in to this one because OMFGILOVEGLENDUNCANSOMUCH. For those who missed the first installment in this man's soon-to-be trilogy, you can read my take on it here and the beginning … Continue reading She’s HEEEEeeeeerrrrrree

Death by New Job

...and this is about how I feel at the end of the first week:   Gracie wants to know why I'm not getting her dinner. The bus driver is a psycho, zooming through city streets and 25MPH zones at speeds well over the limit (I can't see his speedometer, but I can guess by the … Continue reading Death by New Job

5 Seemingly Harmless Things That Are Stressing You Out

Hysterical, and frightening. Read this on Cracked.com Ever fly into a rage for no reason? You think you're calm, but something comes along and pricks your balloon, and suddenly you're screaming at the car in front of you to JUST GO JESUS CHRIST IT'S GOING TO BE YELLOW FOR LIKE THREE MORE SECONDS. It's almost … Continue reading 5 Seemingly Harmless Things That Are Stressing You Out

Dispatch from the Zone – Urge To Kill

Oh not a good way to start the day. I think I mentioned about some of these guys on the train that have tried to chat me up, and how I tend to give them the cold-shoulder. I've had one that has persisted for quite a long time now. I think he first tried last … Continue reading Dispatch from the Zone – Urge To Kill