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Rain + Sun = Rainbow

Left side

Right side
Right side

Just a few shots from my morning commute. There was a double but I just couldn’t fit it all in the image. I kept wanting to stop and take pictures on the way in but didn’t have time! Grrrr. Hence some lousy framing and road signs.

Double rainbow

I love the sun on the green trees with the dark clouds behind. It’s so dramatic. These are completely unretouched except for a little cropping and compression.



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Imaginary Worlds

These pictures feel like a fairytale world. I need to write a fantasy set in this place. Gotta come up with a name for it. Amazing how it’s never the same two days in a row.

When I look at these pictures I keep wanting to label them “Farksolia.” But I need to think up my own name if I want to create an imaginary world. For those not familiar with Farksolia, it was an imaginary planet invented by Barbara Follett, a ‘child prodigy’ who wrote an acclaimed novel at the age of 12, in 1925. She even created a language for the inhabitants, Farksoo. She disappeared mysteriously in 1939, and I like to think she created a new life for herself somewhere, changed her name, and kept writing. She would have been 101 on March 4. I somehow stumbled across Farksolia years ago, no doubt following one link, then another, and have never forgotten about Barbara.

Anyway the whole thing is giving me ideas for different blog formats, and creating a little world of my own. I owe you for that, Barbara.



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Rainbows and Autumn Sun

I failed to bring my camera with me for a couple of days, and missed probably the most amazing rainbow I’d ever seen. It was bright, wide, and straight ahead of me. Let us hope I have learned my lesson, to wit: Just because it’s raining in the morning doesn’t mean the clouds won’t part and pose for pictures in the afternoon. Grrr. Missed an amazing sunset yesterday too, just as I was driving out of work. And you know the colors last mere minutes.

So, I grabbed the camera this morning, despite the dire weather predictions, and was rewarded with this sight:

Nov 6 double rainbow

and then this:

Rainbow touching down Nov 6 2014

and then this:

Panoramic sunrise 11-6-14

Geese in flight 11-6-14

I just liked the way the sun was hitting this tree. I love the low angle of the sun in the later part of the year.

Maple with geese in sun
Maple with geese in sun

Missed more than I got, as usual. Oh well. Within twenty minutes the sun was gone, and it was pouring rain again.

Happy Friday Eve!