Weekly Card – Eight of Engines

I recently got the Steampunk Tarot by John & Caitlin Matthews so naturally had to use it for this week's card. If you're not familiar with what steampunk is, in a nutshell it's a subgenre of sci-fi/fantasy, typically set in the Victorian era, although not necessarily in England (Cherie M. Priest's "Clockwork Century" series I … Continue reading Weekly Card – Eight of Engines

Weekly Card – Knight of Cups

This week we have the dreamy Knight of Cups from the Hudes Tarot. He's looking all wistful and serious, maybe he's had his heart broken. The water in his cup is showing the southern ecliptic. I don't know if Hudes follows the standard Cups/Water/West; Swords/Air/East; Wands/Fire/South; Pentacles/Earth/North attributions or not. While knights often indicate movement, … Continue reading Weekly Card – Knight of Cups

What Do You Want? Weekly Card Reading

So here's a deck I've had for some time, but have never actually read with. It's the World Spirit Tarot, and for some reason I never worked with it. It's been gently calling to me, nagging me, for the last few months, and now it's full-on blocking the door and won't let me leave until … Continue reading What Do You Want? Weekly Card Reading

Weekly Card – Four of Swords

I'll take this. The Four of Swords shows up a respite from our troubles, recent anxiety and problems. It's a time of retreat, setting everything aside and resting, undisturbed. I could welcome some time away from everything that's pressing on me. I love this deck. It's the Silver Era Tarot by Aunia Kahn. I only … Continue reading Weekly Card – Four of Swords

Weekly Card(s) – Good and Bad

This one's a two-fer. I wanted to see what the Tarot had to say about a situation, so first up we have the Empress from the Wizard's Tarot:The Empress is the ultimate earth mother: nurturing, kind, loving. Everything bursts forth into life for her. We see her here in a wonderful magical greenhouse, drawing all … Continue reading Weekly Card(s) – Good and Bad

Weekly Card, First Week of June

I thought we needed kittehs this week, so I busted out the Baroque Bohemian Cats. So. We have The Hierophant, holding the keys to the Kingdom, standing there in his fine robes. I can't help but think of the 'Impressive Clergyman' from The Princess Bride: "Mawwiage... is what bwings us togeva... today." Ok, no marriage … Continue reading Weekly Card, First Week of June

Weekly Card, A Bit Late

The Hermit from Ian Daniels Tarot of Vampyres. I've felt like a hermit the last few days, locking myself in the house to get the revisions done on the vampire novel and sent off to beta readers. I've also been OD'ing on "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" and its soundtrack while I write. Seems fitting on … Continue reading Weekly Card, A Bit Late

Weekly Card – King of Stones

The King of Stones from the Wildwood Tarot is our card this week. His element is Earth, direction North, season Winter. This card's position on the Wheel of the Year isĀ  from Samhain (November 1) to Imbolc (February 2). Wolves are sort of the archetypal symbol of Nature and the natural world, to a point … Continue reading Weekly Card – King of Stones

Weekly Card – Justice!

  Justice from the Victorian Romantic Tarot. Justice is a card of...well, justice. Balancing things, weighing them evenly. Possibly being called to account for your actions. A judgement in your favor. Fairness and the rule of law. Time to think logically, but balance rigid logic with the intuition, perhaps some compassion. Don't let the letter … Continue reading Weekly Card – Justice!


So begins a new segment of my blog, like unveiling a new wing of the building. I expect the furnishings will remain eclectic. With this post I have written five-hundred posts on Filling Spaces. (yeah-yeah, don't count the other blogs, it'll ruin the moment) Anyway, it seemed like the occasion was worthy of a little … Continue reading 500!