TO SPRING by: William Blake (1757-1827) THOU with dewy locks, who lookest down Through the clear windows of the morning, turn Thine angel eyes upon our western isle, Which in full choir hails thy approach, O Spring! The hills tell one another, and the listening Valleys hear; all our longing eyes are turn'd Up to … Continue reading Spring!

Doldrums, or Demons?

In the last two days, two of my blogosphere buddies have both posted about writing obstacles and writer's block, and various ways of dealing with the bane of the writer's existence. First, Uppington, via a very apt metaphor of taking a long road trip, wrote about the various pitfalls that can befall the traveler, and … Continue reading Doldrums, or Demons?

Books vs Electronic Readers

With all the hoopla around Amazon's new Kindle 2, I keep seeing more blogs extolling the virtues of electronic text readers, so here are a few reasons why I don't think electronic reading devices will replace bound, paper books any time soon: 1. Technology is always subject to fail. How many old, dead computers have you … Continue reading Books vs Electronic Readers

Toy, Amusement, Mistress, Tyrant, Monster?

‘Good novels are not written, they are rewritten. Great novels are diamonds mined from layered rewrites.’ Andre Jute I suspect most writers know this, but every once in awhile you run across someone who doesn't believe in revising or rewriting, as if their prose is sacred in its original form. I'm having a hard enough … Continue reading Toy, Amusement, Mistress, Tyrant, Monster?

Daily Quote with a dash of humor

'Contrary to what many of you may imagine, a career in letters is not without its drawbacks - chief among them the unpleasant fact that one is frequently called upon to sit down and write.' Fran Lebowitz A modern Dorothy Parker, she's been called. If I could I'd never do anything but write: at the … Continue reading Daily Quote with a dash of humor

Another Offending Book

This time it's our neighbors to the North. The Edmonton Sun is reporting that a Robert Edwards of Toronto is objecting to his 17-yr-old son's English class (grade 12, I assume this is the equivalent of U.S. high school senior?) being assigned The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. He says he's taking issue with some … Continue reading Another Offending Book

Majel Barrett Roddenberry Dies

It is with heavy heart that I read the news yesterday that Majel Barrett Roddenberry (aka Nurse Chapel, aka Lwuxana Troi) has left us to join her late husband among the stars in the heavens. (no, to my knowledge, her remains are not going up on the space shuttle, but anything can happen). I remember … Continue reading Majel Barrett Roddenberry Dies