Murder and the Mosh Pit

UPDATE 3/1/2010: Murder in the Mosh Pit now has its own site at Murder in the Mosh Pit.

Ok, start adding your side of the story for the demise of the Sparkling Douchebags! Here’s a little visual to get your creative juices going:

13 thoughts on “Murder and the Mosh Pit

  1. The Sparkling Douchebags
    Their debut album “I Sparkle, Not Burn” was an over night success with hits like “My Girlfriend was a Punk”, “Vampire Angst” & their mega hit “I Wish I Was A Real Vampire”. The album saw the revival of a once dead Glam Punk genre (which was enviable with the 80’s revival in progress). The Sparkling Douchebags are influenced by bands like New York Dolls, Alice Cooper, The Stooges, Hanoi Rocks, Manic Street Preachers, D Generation and in more recent times Murderdolls.

    The band is currently on tour and in the middle of writing the currently untitled follow album, which promises to be more glam than punk this time around.

    Other members of the band include;

    On Keytar: ?
    On Guitar: ?
    On Bass: ?
    On Drums: ?


  2. Add more to the Jennifer Klein backstory

    Jennifer Klein; was born and rasied in Westchester County, NY and attended Vassar to study art history before dropping out.

    Her past and personal details have been hidden from the public. But it is believed that she is 18-19, and had an abusive or difficult childhood.

    No one knows who she really is and some have speculated that maybe Jennifer Klein was her real name.


  3. On drums was the androgynous Mellon Kali, known for snarling at fans and displaying several gold teeth. Before joining the Sparkling Douchebags, Mellon Kali was a drummer with several other punk bands, beginning in high school with an outfit called Souls of the Dead. They typically appeared with their faces painted to resemble skeletons.


  4. This may be a big exercise; maybe you might need more than one page. But I’m not sure how you could make it more effective, maybe you can create a blog and add contributors to it. (just a thought) I just can see this turning into a hundred comments all over the place.


  5. On bass is Micro Braineater, a small man who’s personal idol is Rob Zombie. Braineater has always considered himself as a zombie, often playing with no expression on his face, trying to act like a mindless drone. No one really knows if he actually has a personality as he doesn’t speak much and never is around. He use to be involved in a doom metal band called Human Flesh.


  6. My Idea for the opening paragraph
    The room was dark, full of smoke, and smelt terrible; suddenly there was a flash of light accompanied but a loud noise. The crowd went crazy; screaming and climbing all over each other. The Sparkling Douchebags were walking onto the stage, the room started to illuminate courtesy of the stage lights, the masses were practically running to get to the stage.


  7. As the band’s lead singer, Baby of Shame took the stage in a silver lamé jumpsuit, no one heard the crack of the gun over the din of the screaming fans. Mellon Kali was busy giving the crowd the finger with both hands as bass player Micro slung his instrument around his neck and played an a few opening notes of their latest single, “I Was Unearthed.” As Baby of Shame slumped to the floor of the stage, the crowd thought it was part of the act and cheered even more wildly, no one noticing the lone figure making his way to the back of the club, towards the exit.


  8. Chazz- hee. I love their song titles from their debut album. Especially, “I Wish I Were a Real Vampire.”

    DD- “Baby of Shame”- oh gawd..that name. 🙂

    You two are doing great. Keep going! 🙂


  9. Heehee! “Baby of Shame” was actually the title of one of those romance novels that I blogged about last year, when they had a slideshow up of some of the covers. I forget now if it was a Harlequin, or Mills & Boon. The slideshow is apparently no longer available (just checked) which is too bad because some of those titles were barn-burners! 🙂

    MaryJ christened our lead singer with that moniker, as well as gave us the title of the novel.


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