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In an attempt to get myself through this period of the blahs, I did what any red-blooded American woman would do: I went shopping. Well, just a little. I treated myself to a new and fabulous Tarot deck, the new Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black. I’d seen the main Web site for it, along with 78Friends site that shows each card, and I have to say they are more beautiful in person. I’ve never seen gilt edging quite like this, it’s almost a mirror finish. I tried to get a photo of the side so you can see how reflective the gilt is. You can also see in this picture how thick the companion book is. (click to enlarge)


The cards measure 5″x3″, larger than many decks. They come in a sturdy hinged box covered in decorative paper. The little book that comes with the deck is nearly as tall as the deck, and is half an inch thick. It’s all black and white, but lists the source paintings for the collage images used in the deck, as listed on the 78Friends site. It’s really gorgeous, the colors are rich and the cardstock is good. It’s not quite as thick as that used in playing cards, but not paper thin either.

I’ll definitely be spending some time working with this deck over the next few weeks.