Just a Question

UPDATE 4/14/11 – For anyone interested, here’s an interview with Idris Elba, who, interestingly, was born in Norway.

UPDATE: 4/12/11 — My bad, Idris Elba is being cast as Heimdall, not Odin. Thanks to MaryJBlog for catching that.

And I mean this quite sincerely. I readily admit I don’t fully understand the issues (’cause quite frankly I’m not that bright), so I throw it out to you folks to help me comprehend.

When the movie Thor was being cast and word got out that a black actor was being cast as Odin, the interwebs went nuts defending this move. Now granted, this is one actor out of a cast of I-don’t-know how many. So maybe it’s apples to oranges, but…

The Twitterverse is now going nuts over the use of white actors in Akira. Is it because the cast is entirely Caucasian? Would one Caucasian actor have been acceptable if the rest had been Asian? Or should they all have been Asian since it is a Japanese story? And if so, why cast an African-American as a Norse god?