Writer, Educate Thyself

I know there are scads of websites out there now with all kinds of advice for aspiring writers, but today I feel compelled to add my .02¢ to the fray. Plus it bears repeating. This is due in large part to this post, and the explosion of e-publishing now, where anyone can set up  a … Continue reading Writer, Educate Thyself

POD? Vanity Press? Indie? Self-Pub?

If you find any of these terms unclear or downright obtuse, check out Lynn Price's excellent article today on Behler Blog. Lynn is editorial director at Behler Publishing, and writes a really really good, informative blog. She's got definitions of all these terms (click back to a previous post she links to), helping keep writers … Continue reading POD? Vanity Press? Indie? Self-Pub?