Did You Say Something?

Umm, this is a little embarrassing, but I think I may have deleted a legitimate comment from someone. You know how it is, you're going through the spam, clicking madly to dump all those ads for Christian Louboutins  or Viagra, or something, and then all of a sudden, just as you click delete you see … Continue reading Did You Say Something?

Dangling Pentacles

Some of you may have noticed the Dangling Pentacles blog is down. I had purchased the domain, but wrongly thought that when the subscription ran out, the title would revert to one of the URL’s that included the word ‘wordpress’ in it. It does not. To renew now would cost me more than setting up … Continue reading Dangling Pentacles

I’m Not Ignoring You

I've been meaning to tell everyone about this and keep forgetting. I wanted to let you guys know that the "Following" page (which used to be "Blogs I Follow" or something  like that) is not updating in a timely manner for me. I'm getting an almost 24-hour lag between when you post and your new … Continue reading I’m Not Ignoring You

I Made a Decision

I finally had an idea that I liked for the Tarot blog title. Dangling Pentacles I was inspired by this card the other day. As I studied it, I had the impression of the pentacles dangling like ripe fruit, swaying with the breeze. I thought it sounded like 'dangling participles', harking back to my love … Continue reading I Made a Decision

Need Input, Por Favor

As some of you know, I'm working on a new blog (like I need another one, but hang on...), focused on Tarot. I think it's best if I move my Tarot-related posts to a separate blog so as not to bore people who come here for writing-related content. The problem is, I can't seem to … Continue reading Need Input, Por Favor