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Prague in Winter

Ok, I’m still screwing around, not writing, but I had to share this. My Prague obsession is fully in place and getting a boost from this. Karen Mahoney of Baba Studio and Magic Realist Press in Prague, creators of the Bohemian Gothic Tarot, Victorian Romantic Tarot, Bohemian Cats Tarot, etc.,  posted this on their Facebook page, and I just had to share it with you guys. Karen thinks the videographer paid more attention to the Christmas market in Old Town than a native would have, but what do I care? I’m not a native, I’ll look at anything Prague-related.  Is it too early for Christmas-y stuff? Tough noogies. The final view out the window at the river is kind of what I envision Andrej, the MC in my vampire novel, seeing when he looks out his apartment window.

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Food for Thought

Just mulling these cards I pulled last night. I didn’t have a chance to do my daily card pull at work yesterday so did 3 cards when I got home last night. I know, it’s an addiction. I can’t go a day without playing with one of my decks, even if it’s just to take the cards out and look at them.

So what do we have here? The Lovers. From the LWB (little white book that came with the deck), “Passion – usually for a person, but could also be for a project, object, etc. Sexuality, physical love. A deep emotional partnership. Important choices, often, though not necessarily, between two people.”

Hmm. Since I’m single, I’m interpreting this to mean strong feelings about something else, a choice I need to make. Since nothing has really presented itself yet, I’m hoping I don’t get whacked upside the head by something today.

Queen of Swords. There she is again. Pulled her not long ago for my daily card. LWB: “Someone who has learnt through hard experience. A sharp, witty woman (or man). A well-educated person who is ‘nobody’s fool.’ Wit and wisdom combined.” As I mentioned the other day, the QoS traditionally indicates a single woman, often a widow. I’m not a widow, but the single part certainly applies.  Perhaps I will be faced with the choice indicated in The Lovers, and reject both? Sounds a little bleak.

The Star. Ok, things are looking up. This is always a good card. Hope, inspiration. LWB says: “Health and healing. A hopeful and helpful influence. Peace and serenity. The dawn of better times. Light at the end of the tunnel. A time to be optimistic.”

Well, I’d like to think this all sums up as a choice will be before me, something I feel very strongly about, and by being careful and drawing on whatever wisdom and experience I have, I will make the right one, and things are going to move in a better direction.

Yay! About time, too!

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I’m Death. Is Anyone Surprised?

I was reading James Ricklef’s blog the other day, and he mentioned his birth cards are Justice and the High Priestess. I’ve been aware of  ‘life’ cards, and ‘life numbers’ (add up your birthdate and reduce it down to a single digit. For instance someone born February 1, 1970 would add 2+1+1+9+7+0 which adds up to 16, then add 1+6, and the birth number would be 7). In this birth card system, though, you do it slightly differently, and you end up with two cards. The method is shown on The Tarot School’s Web site, and if you can’t be bothered with all that mathy stuff, you can just plunk in your date of birth and their little program will do the dirty work for you and show you your two birth cards.

So guess which two I am? Oh wait, I already told you one. So here’s an interesting mash-up, Death from Sarah Bartlett’s Love Tarot, and the Emperor from my beloved Bohemian Gothic. The Death thing I get, Scorpio is my ascendant in my birth chart, so this seems right.

Death - Love Tarot Emperor

The other one is my life number, 4 (13, 1+3, you get the idea), The Emperor.

I’ve known my life number since I was a wee lass, and was vaguely disappointed when I started studying Tarot to discover that meant life card was the Emperor. All that Mars and Aries stuff never seemed to speak to me, I’ve never felt much connection to the Emperor. But, there are Emperors, and then there are Emperors.

Emperor Vampire Tarot (Hertz)

On one hand, I am constantly seeking new things, starting over. On the other, I can be a creature of habit, and like order and predictability. Wow, talk about embodying a contradiction. Actually the breakdown of this pair on the Tarot School’s site is pretty good, calling them polar absolutes. Anarchy versus order. If I didn’t have that whole Death thing going on, things could stagnate. It forces me to kick things to the curb that run their natural course, and start fresh. I think it’s good to know when to throw in the towel, cut your losses, so to speak. I guess it could be a little schizophrenic, maybe it accounts for my tendency toward ADD.