World Dracula Day 2016

  I didn't know there was one! Today is the anniversary of the first publication of "Dracula" in 1897. In honor of that, here some links to fun Dracula-related things (sites, podcasts): The Dracula Chronicles The Vampire Historian - World Dracula Day Mini-sode (from 2015, don't see anything more recent) The 1977 "Count Dracula" … Continue reading World Dracula Day 2016

Happy Birthday Dracula!

Thanks to a tweet from the United States Geologic Survey (USGS), I found out today is the publication date of Bram┬áStoker's Dracula. :::sigh, swoon::: Ok, not so much, really. I mean, the guy was pretty grotesque, hairy palms and all. But still, an amazing story that, to my knowledge, has never been out of print … Continue reading Happy Birthday Dracula!

Vampire Love

There has been much discussion (and derision) in various quarters lately about the transition of vampires from hideous monsters to objects of desire and romance. Well, it's not really a new concept. For the most part I think it's safe to say most people in the English-speaking world have their ideas of vampires rooted in … Continue reading Vampire Love


So yesterday I treated myself to a trip to the bookstore. With all the hype about vampires from the new movie "Twilight" right now, it got me interested in finding out how many other literary portrayals of vampires there are. Wow. Quite a few. I haven't read the "Twilight" series, since I'm not a 'tween … Continue reading (Il)Literacy