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Let’s have a song, shall we? This is a band out of Brighton, England called Rubylux:

Wonderful voice, the lead singer is Rob Humphreys (I think I was follower #100 for Rob on Twitter), in the hat is Clark Coslett-Hughes (bassist), on keyboards is Adam Harris, and on drums is Mike Hall. If you enjoyed that, take a listen to their song, “The Boy Could Fly.” That’s the song that hooked me on the band.

From their Web site:

At first, we’d borrow a generator and a PA system, and we’d set up around Brighton – blast out our songs for 30 or 45 minutes, however long we could play before the police or council shut us down. Then we started recording those gigs, to sell them later on. We made enough money to buy our own gear, because the Street Gigs attract a ridiculous amount of people, far more than we’d play to at a normal little venue in Brighton.”

Now, Rubylux try to play Street Gigs in the afternoon at whatever town they’re touring in. Rob reckons the authorities are usually easygoing and allow them to play an extra four songs once they’ve been alerted – “although when we played at a square in Bath, we had the police, the council, health and safety…every type of authority you could think of. And then a priest came running out in all his robes, complaining that he was trying to practice for his sermon that Sunday!”

You can stalk follow them on Twitter: @rubylux, @Robrubylux, @Clarkinthehat, @AdRubylux, and @mikerubylux. And of course they’re on Facebook as well. Personally, I am far too lazy to stalk anyone. That’s just too much like work. But I do continue to watch their Tweets, and posts on Facebook, hoping they will someday play the U.S.