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Side Projects

Some stories take longer to gel in my head than others. The cast and crew of Revenants Abroad was nearly effortless. Andrej in particular, who was of course the genesis of the story, appeared in my head fully-formed, ready for action. Anne-Marie took longer for me to get to know. Neko ... what can I… Continue reading Side Projects

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Character Interview – Neko

Since I've had so little time to write or come up with blog posts lately, I thought I'd toss this up here. It's another character interview with one of the characters in my vampire novel. I did another one awhile back for a writing challenge, and found it so much fun I'm doing them for… Continue reading Character Interview – Neko

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Male vs Female characters

  I thought I'd give us a new post to continue the dialog from my last post about writing characters of the opposite sex. I think it can be done, but I think more people *think* they do it well, rather than actually doing it well. This is why we get so many stereotyped and… Continue reading Male vs Female characters

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Character Interview

Via GypsyScarlett, I learned of Ralfast's Writer's Challenge to do an interview with a character in one of your stories. If you want in on the fun, the deadline has been extended to May 31. I thought this would be a great way to tease a little extra info out of my laconic vampire, Andrej.… Continue reading Character Interview

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Name That Character!

Ok, people, I need help. I'm renaming my female character YET AGAIN, and I can't make up my mind. I'm trying to find something that's not über-common, yet not so outlandish no one can pronounce it. I've listed a few choices below that I'm considering, although in the end I can't guarantee any of these… Continue reading Name That Character!

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Favorite Character?

Not to steal anyone's thunder, and I'm happy to give credit where due, but I just ran across a really fun question on another blog, "Tales from the Crit". I didn't leave a comment, I had the sense it's a small, rather insular group so I felt like I would have been intruding but thought… Continue reading Favorite Character?


Protagonist or Nemesis – How to choose?

My little witchies are taking shape, but I find the one I intended to be my protagonist is just as vague and nebulous as ever. I am finding her quasi-nemesis a much stronger character who is easier to write but not at all the direction I wanted to go in with the story. I can't… Continue reading Protagonist or Nemesis – How to choose?


Favorite Authors

My favorite authors, the ones I really admire, are the ones who write (or wrote) about ordinary life in such a way that they brought their worlds to life so clearly and compellingly that you feel as if you could step right into their characters' world, their very living room, and interact with them in… Continue reading Favorite Authors