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February’s Off to a Pretty Start

Just a few photos from the last two days, driving in to work. Nice to see a bit of blue sky, it's been so dark and rainy for so long.  

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How was *your* commute?

This was mine: Oh, it started off well enough. Got to the bus stop in time to catch my usual bus... but WAIT! Where's my bus pass? I LEFT IT IN THE OFFICE. If I try to run back for it, I'll miss the bus, which means 30 minutes until the next one. Ok, I… Continue reading How was *your* commute?


Fun with Dump Trucks

Driving in this morning I watched a little red car - not a sporty little red car, just a little old Toyota or something - suddenly whip over from the left lane to the right in between a car and the dump truck coming up behind, with barely enough room to fit. I'll say it:… Continue reading Fun with Dump Trucks