Time, Time, Time

Someone asked the question on Twitter today: As a writer, what's the one thing you'd ask Santa for? My answer: To win the lottery so I could quit my dayjob and have time to write. I honestly don't know any other way to get more time. I spend two hours a day physically on the … Continue reading Time, Time, Time

Fun with Dump Trucks

Driving in this morning I watched a little red car - not a sporty little red car, just a little old Toyota or something - suddenly whip over from the left lane to the right in between a car and the dump truck coming up behind, with barely enough room to fit. I'll say it: … Continue reading Fun with Dump Trucks

Phew, I made it!

I finally did it, got to work on the trains and bus! A small accomplishment, and none at all to those who've been doing this for years, but to those of us who are accustomed to coming and going as we please in our own cars, I feel pretty good about not ending up in … Continue reading Phew, I made it!