Just for fun

This will be my only mention of a certain event, simply because the headgear is always so entertaining. Frankly I don't understand how they call most of them 'hats'. Lovecraft fans, prepare to be infected with serious envy (only don't look at this while eating or drinking... you have been warned). Cthulhu Headdress Here's what … Continue reading Just for fun

Daily Fools

Just a couple of Fools for the day Lots of silliness out on the interwebs. So far, Innsmouth Free Press has reported that Cthulhu has converted to Christianity, and Aidan Moher has tweeted that George R.R. Martin's final book in the A Song of Ice and Fire, A Dance with Dragons, will be split into … Continue reading Daily Fools

To Whine, or Not To Whine?

Eh, what the hell, why stop now? This place just makes my head spin. We have it all here: Drama, intrigue, grandstanding, backstabbing, power grabs, politics. Dilbert's got nothing on us. Another reorganization of our entire department, worldwide, went into effect this morning, causing some peripheral damage but also some potentially good news. Let me … Continue reading To Whine, or Not To Whine?