To Whine, or Not To Whine?

Eh, what the hell, why stop now? This place just makes my head spin. We have it all here: Drama, intrigue, grandstanding, backstabbing, power grabs, politics. Dilbert's got nothing on us. Another reorganization of our entire department, worldwide, went into effect this morning, causing some peripheral damage but also some potentially good news. Let me … Continue reading To Whine, or Not To Whine?

Trapezoidal Pegs in Square Cubes

I thought about e-mailing MJ and whining about this, but then I thought some of you might be able to relate to life in cubicle hell and enjoy this. So the Nebbish arrives at the office roughly 9:30 this morning (nice for him, eh?) I had a few days off from the Nebbish, but he's … Continue reading Trapezoidal Pegs in Square Cubes

Another week, another staff meeting

Our lovely 2-hour staff meeting starts in 52 minutes. Let's see what the khaki-count is today... And although the nebbish does not need to attend (he's been told in advance by my boss that the meeting really will not pertain to him today), officious little bug-like creature that he is, insists on coming anyway.

Weird Vibes, and a rant

I've been in a really strange mood all day. I think it started yesterday actually, in the two-hour staff meeting. Yep, two glorious hours locked in a room with seven managers, all of whom were wearing khaki-colored pants (one was even corduroy). Then, this morning when I pulled into the parking lot and parked in … Continue reading Weird Vibes, and a rant