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Andrej’s moving in

The first shipment of his furniture arrived today:

It’s bigger than I expected, actually. It’s 1/12 scale (1″ to 1′). The giant red Christmas ball there is one inch in diameter. I don’t know where I’m going to put it, probably just keep the two in their boxes until I get some kind of display set up. I can almost hear my mother yelling at me for wasting money on this stuff. Sorry, Mom, this is only the beginning.

I can just see Andrej sprawled out there, shirtless, smoking a cigarette. He’d better not burn a hole in the leather… It’s real leather, too, so soft! Quick, someone shrink me so I can sit on it! Where’s Rick Moranis when you need him?

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Miniature Mania

Has begun.

I’ve ordered my first pieces of furniture to begin building my darling vampire Andrej’s apartment. And thanks to Submerina I’m now looking into making a few things for this new venture. At the moment I’m interested in making tiny books for the apartment (Andrej collects books) and hopefully other things. So in my search for how-to’s and ideas and inspiration, I ran across the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan. This place is massive:

The Miniatures Museum of Taiwan (MMOT) is the first museum in Asia that has a collection of modern miniature artworks covering an area over six hundred and sixty square meters. The museum was founded on March 28, 1997 by Mr Lin Wen-ren and his wife; it is located in Taipei City, Taiwan.
For more about the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan

The level of detail is breathtaking, down to lighted miniature candelabras on the dining table. It’s a long video, and frankly I would have preferred a slideshow to click through at my own pace, but there doesn’t seem to be one.

I have a feeling I never should have started down this road.

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I’m Making Myself Crazy(er)

Ever since someone tweeted out a link to a doll house furnished as a haunted/witch’s house, I have been obsessed with the idea of doing a similar one, but even moreso with the idea of putting together one furnished like the home of Andrej and Anne-Marie. Fueling my addiction has been EBay where I found a seller who seems to have EVERYTHING I NEED to accomplish this. Now, all I need to do is win the lottery or knock over a bank. Let’s have a fun little poll, shall we? Assuming I actually do this thing (like I need another hobby), what do you think I should do?

So here are some shots of some of my findings for Andrej and Anne-Marie’s apartment in Prague:












Do you believe the stuff they have for dollhouses now? This stuff is actually upholstered in leather, if the sellers’ descriptions are accurate. Holy crap, I’m moving in with Andrej. He collects oriental rugs, and the seller who has most of this stuff has bunches of tiny little Persian carpets. I love the little bar set up, these guys do their fair share of drinking.



And just for fun, this is the apartment/hotel suite of the vamps in my NaNo novel in 1930s New York:






Very different look. I haven’t gotten as far with that one, but they’re not there very long. I haven’t totalled up how much all this would cost, but off the top of my head, I’d estimate around $500. The little kitchen setup alone is about $100.

Maybe I shouldn’t illustrate my vision of what their world looks like, and should let everyone dream up their own. The furniture is of course close approximations, not exact, except for the brown club chair. I almost fell over when I found that.