Andrej’s moving in

The first shipment of his furniture arrived today: It's bigger than I expected, actually. It's 1/12 scale (1" to 1'). The giant red Christmas ball there is one inch in diameter. I don't know where I'm going to put it, probably just keep the two in their boxes until I get some kind of display … Continue reading Andrej’s moving in

Miniature Mania

Has begun. I've ordered my first pieces of furniture to begin building my darling vampire Andrej's apartment. And thanks to Submerina I'm now looking into making a few things for this new venture. At the moment I'm interested in making tiny books for the apartment (Andrej collects books) and hopefully other things. So in my … Continue reading Miniature Mania

I’m Making Myself Crazy(er)

Ever since someone tweeted out a link to a doll house furnished as a haunted/witch's house, I have been obsessed with the idea of doing a similar one, but even moreso with the idea of putting together one furnished like the home of Andrej and Anne-Marie. Fueling my addiction has been EBay where I found … Continue reading I’m Making Myself Crazy(er)