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Weekly Card – Justice!



Justice from the Victorian Romantic Tarot. Justice is a card of…well, justice. Balancing things, weighing them evenly. Possibly being called to account for your actions. A judgement in your favor. Fairness and the rule of law.

Time to think logically, but balance rigid logic with the intuition, perhaps some compassion. Don’t let the letter of the law defeat the spirit of the law.

Here we have the Angel of Justice vanquishing a fallen angel. Under her left foot is a broken sword with two doves of peace close by. The original painting was by E. Butler, entitled “Angel of Peace” and she originally held an olive branch rather than scales. She wears a crown of laurel leaves, an ancient symbol of victory.

Not much time tonight, so I’m keeping this short. Just remember: the sword of Justice cuts both ways. Here’s hoping everything will go in your favor this week.