I Do It My Way

I try to write the best books I possibly can, and with my limited free time to devote to writing, it should be no surprise that it takes me a while to finish even a first draft. Once that's done, the revisions and rewrites begin before I allow beta readers to see it. This flies … Continue reading I Do It My Way

Info Sharing — Editing for Indies

This is just an "info sharing" post. Indie authors (meaning self-published) have long had a very bad reputation for poorly written and poorly edited books. This is why it's next to impossible to get brick-n-mortar bookstores to stock indie titles.  In my quest to improve my own writing I've discovered a couple of free editing … Continue reading Info Sharing — Editing for Indies

Weekly Card – Four of Swords (Robin Wood)

Hmm, pulled the Four of Swords back in June, too. This week I'm using The Robin Wood Tarot, one of my all-time favorites and what I consider my work-horse deck. I still remember the first time I saw the images of the cards,  in particular the High Priestess, I fell in love with it and … Continue reading Weekly Card – Four of Swords (Robin Wood)

Out, Out, Damned Words!

UPDATE: I've put up a new page with the chapter in question. You can find it under the Fiction tab, labeled "Revenants Abroad." After consulting with my beta reader/editor (aka GypsyScarlett)  I'm cutting the first two chapters from the vampire novel and going back to the original opener, which had become Chapter Three. I feel … Continue reading Out, Out, Damned Words!

Robots Will Edit Your Text

Via Galleycat, I was introduced to a new online text editor, EditMinion. According to EditMinion, it is a "robotic copy editor to help you refine your writing by finding common mistakes." So, how good is it? I took a chunk of text out of my vampire novel and ran it through to see what it … Continue reading Robots Will Edit Your Text