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I Do It My Way

I try to write the best books I possibly can, and with my limited free time to devote to writing, it should be no surprise that it takes me a while to finish even a first draft. Once that's done, the revisions and rewrites begin before I allow beta readers to see it. This flies… Continue reading I Do It My Way

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Info Sharing — Editing for Indies

This is just an "info sharing" post. Indie authors (meaning self-published) have long had a very bad reputation for poorly written and poorly edited books. This is why it's next to impossible to get brick-n-mortar bookstores to stock indie titles.  In my quest to improve my own writing I've discovered a couple of free editing… Continue reading Info Sharing — Editing for Indies

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Weekly Card – Four of Swords (Robin Wood)

Hmm, pulled the Four of Swords back in June, too. This week I'm using The Robin Wood Tarot, one of my all-time favorites and what I consider my work-horse deck. I still remember the first time I saw the images of the cards,  in particular the High Priestess, I fell in love with it and… Continue reading Weekly Card – Four of Swords (Robin Wood)


Going Down in Flames

Better than half-way through November, and I am now trailing in NaNoWriMo by oh, a little over 11,000 words. I think it's a pretty safe bet I'm not going to hit 50K by the 30th, but I'm ok with that.I started out with the usual enthusiasm, thinking I'd be able to steal some time at… Continue reading Going Down in Flames

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Out, Out, Damned Words!

UPDATE: I've put up a new page with the chapter in question. You can find it under the Fiction tab, labeled "Revenants Abroad." After consulting with my beta reader/editor (aka GypsyScarlett)  I'm cutting the first two chapters from the vampire novel and going back to the original opener, which had become Chapter Three. I feel… Continue reading Out, Out, Damned Words!

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Robots Will Edit Your Text

Via Galleycat, I was introduced to a new online text editor, EditMinion. According to EditMinion, it is a "robotic copy editor to help you refine your writing by finding common mistakes." So, how good is it? I took a chunk of text out of my vampire novel and ran it through to see what it… Continue reading Robots Will Edit Your Text

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TO SPRING by: William Blake (1757-1827) THOU with dewy locks, who lookest down Through the clear windows of the morning, turn Thine angel eyes upon our western isle, Which in full choir hails thy approach, O Spring! The hills tell one another, and the listening Valleys hear; all our longing eyes are turn'd Up to… Continue reading Spring!