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New Locations Now Open

With all the talk of Twitter moving to an algorithmic system that promotes "popular" posts (read: things that make the company more money) I'm preparing to either abandon it, or use it less. In any event, I've started a Tumblog which can be found here. Not much there yet since I just started it today.… Continue reading New Locations Now Open

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Music for the Goth In All of Us

Technorati Tags: gothic,music,writing,Heavenly Creatures,Diminished 7,Alex Crescioni,gothic metal,HIM For those who enjoy some mood music to set their scenes, whether in real life or to help us conjure our fictional fog-shrouded moors and darkly lit dungeons and castles, I have two new tasty morsels for you to choose from. Heavenly Creatures is gothic electronica from France.… Continue reading Music for the Goth In All of Us

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A Facebook Cautionary Tale

Hot on the heels of all my bellyaching about social networking, I found this gem over at Meg Gardiner's blog, lying for a living. Frankly, it staggers the imagination. MI6 chief blows his cover as wife's Facebook account reveals family holidays, showbiz friends and links to David Irving The new head of MI6 has been… Continue reading A Facebook Cautionary Tale