Edits and Evil Programs

Not much going on, either with pics or the book. I'm still immersed in final edits, and having fits with Word. It seems every time I close and reopen the file it runs words together, removing the spaces between them. I found three crunched together last night and Word didn't even pick it up as … Continue reading Edits and Evil Programs

A Break in the Routine

Once again feeling cabin fever, I hit the road headed west. The day was gray and cloudy, though little rain for most of the trip.  Click pics to supersize them. I took Highway 6 again, through the Tillamook Forest. The clouds were wending their way through the tops of the hills, which for some reason … Continue reading A Break in the Routine

Pictures from the road

Not much going on, but wanted to share some views from my morning commute, which can be quite stunning. I tried to get some shots of the ribbons of fog that linger in the fields, but from a moving car it’s tricky. Basically I hold the camera up in the general direction and hit the … Continue reading Pictures from the road