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The Enemy

Today’s breakthrough in my writer’s block is courtesy of Sully Erna, frontman of Godsmack, more specifically his song “The Enemy.” I’ve got a bunch of new characters to draw up now, and I have to decide their lifespans. Some will be like the red shirt guys on Star Trek (they’re always the ones that get killed), but some I think I will need to keep around for future scenes. I even re-watched “xXx” (Triple X) the other night, which I think is really fun (Vin Diesel kills me – “Stop thinking Prague PD, start thinking Nintendo: Blow stuff up!”) and had high hopes for it getting some neurons to fire, but nope, nada, zilch this time. It’s weird the things that will trigger something in my brain. I knew I needed a harder, edgier tone than I’d been letting this thing slide into, but couldn’t quite seem to get into the groove. This holds much promise. I still might need to blow stuff up so don’t go anywhere, Vin.

:::creaking gears spinning into action:::