Happy 2015!

A small thank you to everyone who's come by the blog, subscribed, read my stories, bought the book, and been a friend! Please click on the photo below: And Chapter 15 of Revenants Abroad is up on Wattpad now! Thanks so much for reading. I wish everyone a safe, happy start to the New Year!

Kick Rocks, 2012

The general consensus for 2012 seems to be Hasta la vista, Baby! Anyone care to join me in a little bubbly? The only resolutions I have are to pay my bills, keep the house going, and take care of my family. Everything else is gravy. I decided to pull some cards this evening, asking for … Continue reading Kick Rocks, 2012

I Resolve Not to Resolve

Much is made of whether or not one should make New Year's resolutions. The prevailing fad these days seems to favor not making any, probably for good reason: They're almost universally instantly forgotten. But how to keep your focus? If I don't make any resolutions, I feel like I'm drifting aimlessly from one year to … Continue reading I Resolve Not to Resolve