Gotta have faith

Back of every creation, supporting it like an arch, is faith. Enthusiasm is nothing: it comes and goes. But if one believes, then miracles occur. -- Henry Miller At the risk of conjuring up images of 80's pop stars in huge sunglasses and over-gel'ed hair singing and dancing, I have to admit to having yet … Continue reading Gotta have faith

How’s the Weather?

Put weather in. - Joseph Hansen Every now and then, something will trigger an image in my mind for a scene. It could be a snippet of conversation on tv, or a song, even a bird. And usually, I get the setting as well: Time of day, what the weather is, urban or rural. I … Continue reading How’s the Weather?

Write Attitude

I just ran across Lis'Anne's Budding Blog where she has posted the link to a wonderful, inspirational site for writers, and I thought I would pass it along. Write Attitude opens with a slideshow of pretty pictures overlaid with inspirational quotes and facts about writers.  Madeleine L'Engle was rejected 101 times. She was just getting started. … Continue reading Write Attitude