Procrastination Technique #1

This will appeal most to the science fiction fans (what is the proper shorthand for that these days? Sci-Fi? Skiffy? SyFy? anyway...) but this week io9 will be doing a series they are calling the Book Vortex. Leading off with what appears to be an M.C. Escher-esque view of a library twisted appropriately into a … Continue reading Procrastination Technique #1

io9 Find: Buffy vs. Edward Mash-up

For those who, like me, have not read the Twilight series, nor seen the movie, you can now feel completely justified. This jewel of a video located in an article at io9 about why vamps have become heartthrobs is too funny to miss. The video is the first vid, right under the photo of Angel and Spike … Continue reading io9 Find: Buffy vs. Edward Mash-up

NaNoWriMo Encouragement from James R. Strickland and Simon Haynes

Back to io9 we go. Here's an encouraging interview (interviews?) with two authors who actually published NaNo novels. Best advice if you're stuck: torture your characters. And very timely advice for me since I lost a couple days. Simon Haynes: Easy. Write in 500 word chunks, one per hour. Don't sit down thinking 'I have … Continue reading NaNoWriMo Encouragement from James R. Strickland and Simon Haynes

NaNoWriMo’s Chris Baty talks to io9

I just ran across this interview with our fearless leader, Chris Baty, at io9. For those unfamiliar with io9, it's a sci-fi smorgasbord of television show reviews, movie reviews, books and generally anything sci-fi related. The interview is targeted to that genre, but still very much worth a read. And some schmuck down in the comments … Continue reading NaNoWriMo’s Chris Baty talks to io9

Borders Books Dropping Some Sci-Fi?

I just found this article over at io9, and am dismayed by Borders decision not to stock some new titles and even debut novels in the genre. Gregory Frost discovered that his new book, Lord Tophet, follow-up to the successful Shadowbridge, is not being picked up by Borders. At all. Apparently it didn't "sell as well as anticipated." … Continue reading Borders Books Dropping Some Sci-Fi?