Celtic Sun Worship

It seems like virtually every ancient culture indulged in sun-worship at some point. But did the Irish? Or more specifically, the early Celtic settlers in Ireland? The Irish don't seem to have had a particular god or goddess of the sun, or a name for the sun as a deity. Lugh has sometimes been seen … Continue reading Celtic Sun Worship


Pigsong is the third in a series of short stories, collectively titled Storytellers, by Frank Delaney, who also brought us The Last Storyteller. There will be a new one each month for the year 2012. It starts with a short lead-in, Author’s Notes, that explains the idea behind the story, delving into the concept of … Continue reading Pigsong

I’m Lookin’ Over a Three-Leaf Clover

Sure and begorrah, the shamrock is one of the best-known symbols of Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day. But what’s the difference between clover and shamrocks? Well first off, the four-leafed clover has, well, four leaves. Shamrocks by definition have three. The shamrock can however be any of a number of a variety of clovers. Common … Continue reading I’m Lookin’ Over a Three-Leaf Clover

Irish-American Heritage Month

Everyone knows (well, those who can keep track of holidays at least. My ex-husband never knew when Halloween was. Surprised him every year. But anyway...) March 17 is St. Patrick's Day, and the stores are full of all sorts of ridiculous green things, kind of like Mardi Gras with nothing but green. Chicago dyes its … Continue reading Irish-American Heritage Month

The Last Storyteller

Every legend and all mythologies exist to teach us how to run our days. In kind fashion. A loving way. But there's no story, no matter how ancient, as important as one's own. So if we're to live good lives, we have to tell ourselves our own story. In a good way. The Last Storyteller … Continue reading The Last Storyteller

If you grew up in an Irish family…

  Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, I received this from a friend who shares both my first and last name, and hails from the same part of the country I do, and so of course we have decided that back along the line somewhere, we are somehow related, and therefore cousins. I don't know … Continue reading If you grew up in an Irish family…