Books vs Electronic Readers

With all the hoopla around Amazon's new Kindle 2, I keep seeing more blogs extolling the virtues of electronic text readers, so here are a few reasons why I don't think electronic reading devices¬†will replace bound, paper books any time soon: 1. Technology is always subject to fail. How many old, dead computers have you … Continue reading Books vs Electronic Readers

Update on Kindle 2’s Read-Aloud Feature

A couple weeks ago I wrote about Amazon's latest electronic reader, the Kindle 2's ability to read text aloud. In a surprise back-pedal from Amazon, they will now allow the holders of the copyrights to decide whether or not to disable the Kindle's ability to translate text to speech for their works: Amazon said it … Continue reading Update on Kindle 2’s Read-Aloud Feature

Kindle 2 does text-to-speech, but is it legal?

If you've surfed into Amazon in the last week or so, you've no doubt been pummeled by ads for the new Kindle 2 (which is apparently not even available yet, but anyway...). However, a new feature in the Kindle 2 is that it can convert text-to-speech on the fly, taking any document in the device … Continue reading Kindle 2 does text-to-speech, but is it legal?