Going Select, and a Selection

Just to let everyone know, I've pulled Revenants Abroad off Smashwords, so that includes Kobo, and Barnes and Noble, etc (Scribd, Oyster, Flipkart). It was proving to be a dead end. I've chosen instead to go with Amazon's KDP Select because I think it will provided greater visibility and will make the book available via … Continue reading Going Select, and a Selection

E-Book Formats

So, it's come to my attention that possibly a lot of people don't know which format they need for their e-reader. Kindle folks probably just know Amazon is the place to get books to feed their reader, similarly Nook people go to Barnes and Noble, and Kobo users can go straight to Kobo.com. I had … Continue reading E-Book Formats

And another thing (Kindle vs Book)

So really I can see a use for electronic readers. It would be handy to keep in your purse (or briefcase, or backpack, or whatever) so you always have something to read when you suddenly find yourself in the doctor's waiting room for going on three hours... or taking your car in for an oil … Continue reading And another thing (Kindle vs Book)

Update on Kindle 2’s Read-Aloud Feature

A couple weeks ago I wrote about Amazon's latest electronic reader, the Kindle 2's ability to read text aloud. In a surprise back-pedal from Amazon, they will now allow the holders of the copyrights to decide whether or not to disable the Kindle's ability to translate text to speech for their works: Amazon said it … Continue reading Update on Kindle 2’s Read-Aloud Feature