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Weekly Card – King of Stones

King of StonesThe King of Stones from the Wildwood Tarot is our card this week. His element is Earth, direction North, season Winter. This card’s position on the Wheel of the Year is  from Samhain (November 1) to Imbolc (February 2). Wolves are sort of the archetypal symbol of Nature and the natural world, to a point where I nearly can’t stand the sight of them as decorations on anything. I think I’ve talked about my weariness with wolf-loving half-wits who see themselves as in a special relationship to wolves. So I won’t go into it again.

The companion book tells of the wolf in Pictish art, and having been seen as the guardians of the dead, guiding them to the afterlife, or Otherworld. The wolf shows a deep connection to nature and the earth, strong in the most severe conditions and able to thrive. This card is telling us love of the land and nature is a cornerstone of our actions and motivations. Look to the ancient wisdom of those who have gone before, and enjoy feeling secure.

I think I will need to meditate on this card, journey with the wolf. For all my annoyance with the pop culture trying to turn wolves into BFFs, he sure keeps popping up on me. Fine. :::grumble-grumble::: I’ll go see what he has to say. He may just be telling me to remain practical, keep my feet on the ground and head out of the clouds. Attend to the here and now. Keep plugging away at my writing. I did get some new inspiration this week that I’m developing and feeling pretty good about.

So maybe the message for the week is to attend to things and people that need you. Not very sexy perhaps, but sometimes that’s life.