Weekly Card – Knight of Cups

This week we have the dreamy Knight of Cups from the Hudes Tarot. He's looking all wistful and serious, maybe he's had his heart broken. The water in his cup is showing the southern ecliptic. I don't know if Hudes follows the standard Cups/Water/West; Swords/Air/East; Wands/Fire/South; Pentacles/Earth/North attributions or not. While knights often indicate movement, … Continue reading Weekly Card – Knight of Cups

A Card and Sonnet for the week

So here's our weekly card. When I pulled it, I kind of went 'meh' and almost reached for another deck to try again. And then I remembered what week this is. Ha. Tarot certainly has a sense of humor. Well, it is Valentine's Day this week. We have the Knight of Cups, the romantic dreamer, … Continue reading A Card and Sonnet for the week

Bohemian Gothic in the House!

It’s here! My beloved Bohemian Gothic, second edition, all pewtery-gilt-edged and everything! My son happened to be home working on installing a new water pump in his car, but was in the backyard, when the mail came yesterday. However, old eagle-ears heard someone in the driveway making noise, clanking tools and such which he had … Continue reading Bohemian Gothic in the House!