More Miniature Madness

This makes me want to quit my day-job and do this full-time (if only one could get paid for efforts such as this). Only one shot here, but do go check out the whole blog post at Madshobbithole's blog. It's breathtaking. (thanks to Margrét Helgadóttir @MaHelgad) UPDATED 1/27/13: I should have added, if you want … Continue reading More Miniature Madness

The Last Werewolf

So... I treated myself to another trip to Powells, because I had ordered a copy of "The Last Werewolf" by Glen Duncan and it was in and I had to go pick it up (they will mail books to you if you're not in the area, but I pretended  decided I needed to go and … Continue reading The Last Werewolf

Post-Rapture Reading Suggestions

I think we can all conclude that even if the Rapture occurs as predicted by Harold Camping, (where it says, "The End off [sic] the World," I guess spelling doesn't count in Heaven) I'm not going anywhere. Furthermore, I refuse. I'm holding out for Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods, as any good Norsewoman would. … Continue reading Post-Rapture Reading Suggestions

Reading Good Writing

Just some high level musings about reading classic literature, vs. whatever is on the best seller list. I've been on a classics kick lately, probably because I didn't read them in school, or not enough of them anyway. I remember a short course on Shakespeare in high school, and I took a semester of Shakespeare in college, … Continue reading Reading Good Writing