Time is not my friend. Every day that passes makes me that much more frustrated that I spend my life using all my energy and time in the pursuit of other people’s dreams. Time I can’t get back. I can only spend it once. Like that Daffy Duck cartoon where he keeps trying to … Continue reading Time

Time, Time, Time

Someone asked the question on Twitter today: As a writer, what's the one thing you'd ask Santa for? My answer: To win the lottery so I could quit my dayjob and have time to write. I honestly don't know any other way to get more time. I spend two hours a day physically on the … Continue reading Time, Time, Time

I’m Not One of You (I Hope)

Who are you people, and how did you get control of this planet? I suppose I'm depressed. If you suffer from it, you know that no amount of jokes or friendly ribbing is going to tease you out of it. Oh sure, you can put up the smile the way you put up Christmas lights … Continue reading I’m Not One of You (I Hope)

I think I hate modern life

In the continuing saga of my existential crisis, some random, disjointed thoughts for your amusement. I know, I know. Living in the future and all. I love my gadgets, high tech, instantaneous communication with people around the world, BLOGGING (*heh*). But is it overload? Sometimes it feels like it. I know, I have the option … Continue reading I think I hate modern life

Just some observations that probably don’t need to be made

I want to preface this by saying I am of course sickened and horrified by the shooting in Arizona yesterday, as are most people in this country. But I have to say it gave rise to some curious ponderings. I first heard the news on Twitter yesterday, a cryptic tweet from someone who said his … Continue reading Just some observations that probably don’t need to be made