Purely Pacific Northwest

Pretty video of locations around the Pacific Northwest, with some fantastic shots of Crater Lake and Mount St. Helens. The opening shot is moonrise on Mt. Hood, which is just east of Portland. I recommend viewing in full screen. We desperately need a channel that features these kinds of videos, the way Norway features hours-long … Continue reading Purely Pacific Northwest

Viva la Bookstores!

For me, being able to visit a bookstore is a treasured experience that online book buying will never be able to equal. (What's Harvey got to do with it? Nuthin', 'cept he's a local landmark at a marine supply shop. No idea.) A few days ago, Evil Wylie (@EvilWylie, aka Andrew Shaffer) tweeted out a … Continue reading Viva la Bookstores!

More Morning Commute Photography

More photos from the drive in this morning. Much better shot of The House, Mt. Hood, and sunrise. I accidentally deleted one I wanted 😦 . The maple tree I pass on my lunchtime walk with a co-worker. The red leaves looked so pretty against the blue sky. See, it doesn’t always rain here. You … Continue reading More Morning Commute Photography

Pictures from the road

Not much going on, but wanted to share some views from my morning commute, which can be quite stunning. I tried to get some shots of the ribbons of fog that linger in the fields, but from a moving car it’s tricky. Basically I hold the camera up in the general direction and hit the … Continue reading Pictures from the road